gpEasy CMS 2.3 (Detailed)


Yes, the newest version of gpEasy was released earlier with little more than a few short messages indicating it was out. There are just too many cool new features in gpEasy 2.3 to leave it at that...

Version 2.3 is, in fact, a pivotal release for gpEasy. It includes a number of exciting new features and represents a new level of maturity in the code that will allow the development process to focus more on user feature requests and feedback.

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New Features in 2.3

Yes, version 2.3 includes some very notable feature improvements for our unique CMS.

Revert from Exported Archive

This feature can be used to back up your site data and easily recover if something should happen to your server or to easily move your site from one server to another.

Faster Page Loading

You'd think they were secretive tactics if you looked at how many CMSes implemented them. Or maybe speed is just that much more important to us. Either way we've added more speed enhancements to gpEasy to make your pages load faster.

User Interface

Taken directly from the user feedback, we've added the ability to dock the inline WYSIWYG editors and minimize the floating admin toolbar.


Another feature you don't see very much is the ability to log in using encryption. Instead of sending your plain-text password over the internet, gpEasy can now send an encrypted copy further securing your web site.


Your collection of Galleries can now be organized with drag 'n drop functionality.

Slick New Theme

We added the very attractive "Light Texture" theme to the package and made it the default theme for new installations.


We also added an option to hide the Left Editable Bar (via feedback), improvements to layout management and many more... You can see the entire version history in our documentation.


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