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Delayed publication

Follow This IdeaBy as.bess...@gmail.com5 years ago7 Comments

Option is set publishing date page.



There is a manual way to do this now that we have the ability to make custom menus. If the page does NOT appear in the "main menu" it will NOT appear in the site map; therefore, you can just add a new page to a custom menu such as, "unpublished" that does NOT appear anywhere on your site and leave it there till you want to add it to menus that show up on the site and in the site map (main menu). Not sure if that does what people are looking for or not. 

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Or is this a suggestion for the Simple Blog plugin?

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Josh is right, this is still uncertain request. If this idea is not determined, then how she can be realized? Is it OUSTANDING or  "INSEATING"? i don't know? i don't know.

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I think the author said:
Is it possible to set a date/time for page publishing

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Yes, I mean set date/time for page publishing.

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Ok, so definitely not for Simple Blog pages. Just it really was not so certain.

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With 3.5rc it is possible to have backup/history (-1,-2,...) version of all pages.

Is it possible to have an option, that new modifications to an existing page go to a draft/future (+1) version of this page. The editor can than choose if further modifications to the latest draft (+max) or another new draft (+max+1).

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