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ability to customize image thumbnail

Follow This IdeaBy Charles S4 years ago1 Comments

Currently gpEasy auto-generates a thumbnail image for each and every image uploaded. This isn't really a downsized version of the original image because the thumnail is 100x100 thus it often ends up being a "cut" of the original image which may result in a very inaccurate thumbnail. 

In many of my tutorials many thumbnails are mostly white space.

It would be great to be able to head to the uploaded filed manager => images => thumbnails and be able to select a thumbnail and have an option to "customize" the thumbnail. Selecting the customize thumbnail option ought to give some type of editor in which the user views the original image and is able to select a square that is more representative. Then gpEasy would automatically reduce the size of that square to the 100x100 thumbnail size.



I was wondering instead of making the user customizing each thumbnail one by one, wont it be easier of gpEasy has pre-configured setting for thumbnails and as they get added they are generated as you wanted, and if required a re-generate button can exist that will redo all if the settings was altered ? Just think coding wise it might be easier to added than a whole editor section for thumbnails alone ?


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