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multiple delete pictures, & rename option

Follow This IdeaBy Diana4 years ago7 CommentsCompleted 3 years ago

It should be possible, select multiple images or folders to erase.

You can choose several images to download, but you can not delete multiple images at once on server.

Also add an option to rename the files, or images.


Please add CKfinder as file manager. Then the renaming can be done in CKFinder. Maybe set .showContextMenuArrow for clarity. In the demo the rename option is disabled.

As advertised its Light, quick and easy to integrate with ckeditor wich is in gpEasy anyway. Also its solves part of feedback idea 54.

KCFinder solves this complete and has a better licence.

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KCFinder looks like a very nice project!

Similar idea

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Here is another one that could be integrated.

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I wasn't too excited about KCFinder... but elFinder is really slick!

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Thought so too, but I don’t know if its hard to implement. There are some instructions to integrate elFinder with CKeditor which appear to be easy.

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The CKeditor portion of the integration should be very simple.. the hard part would server side integration. Especially with other feature like "Automatic resizing of images" we'll need to know when renaming, deleting and resizing are happening.

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There is no many tips.
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