Simple Blog

44 ratings16,970 Downloads

Designed to enable a simple reverse-chronological commentary on your site. Includes RSS feed, editable labels, and twitter/bitly integration.

Created By Josh S.

Simple Event Calendar

6 ratings3,765 Downloads

Simple Event Calendar including a gadget, list view and a yearly view page

Anti Spam Math

5 ratings2,393 Downloads

A simple spam prevention tactic using math

Created By Josh S.

Nivo Slider for gp|Easy

20 ratings6,796 Downloads

Adds Nivo Slider to your layout or content

Created By juergen

Multi-Language Manager

4 ratings3,872 Downloads

Helps you manager your multi-language site but organizing pages by the language they're written in.

Created By Josh S.

Easy Comments

2 ratings2,565 Downloads

Allow users to comment on your gpEasy pages

Created By Josh S.

Simple Download Counter

3 ratings1,609 Downloads

counts file downloads

Created By Stano

Publication Date

4 ratings1,511 Downloads

Adds creation and last modification dates after the main page's content

Created By Stano

Wallpaper Changer

3 ratings1,783 Downloads

change a page wallpaper

Created By Stano


4 ratings1,454 Downloads

EasyNewsLetter is an easy-to-use newsletter plugin for gpEasy.

Created By fly06

Password Protected Pages

7 ratings3,460 Downloads

Protects pages with a password

Created By Stano

Simple Slideshow

24 ratings5,532 Downloads

A slideshow datatype

Created By Josh S.


1 ratings1,051 Downloads

Protect your gpEasy forms against spammers black-listed on the site.

Created By fly06


1 ratings925 Downloads

left/right buttons for quick navigation

Created By folke

Catalog Easy

3 ratings701 Downloads

Organize your child pages, and create some kind of catalog or portfolio witn pagination and sorting.

Created By a2exfr

Special Contact Form

16 ratings6,790 Downloads

Creates custom email contact form

Created By Stano


1 ratings1,978 Downloads

Respect your visitors privacy but still allow them to share your page on facebook, twitter and google+

Created By Benjamin

Media Player Advance

2 ratings1,086 Downloads

Allows media files to be played anywhere inside a page by adding a tag to indicate where media player must be added

Created By Dominion IT


2 ratings815 Downloads

Styled tool tip for anchor titles, gold.

FlatAdmin 2015

2 ratings470 Downloads

A flat and reduced style alternative for gpEasy’s admin interface.

Created By juergen


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