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gpEasy Services was built for internet professionals. If your business helps people make web pages and uses gpEasy, then gpEasy Services is perfect for you. It's free and easy to take part in, just submit a company profile detailing the services you offer and we'll advertise your business on

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Web Hosting

Many gpEasy users are building websites for the first time in their lives. We're glad they found us and want to use our software, gpEasy is perfect for someone just getting started.

There is one problem though: An easy CMS is only half the solution. Many newcomers also need or want help installing gpEasy and setting up a domain name. 

Since we aren't in the hosting business (we'd like to keep our focus on developing good software), we'd like to have on hand a list of hosting providers experienced with gpEasy to help these newcomers find the solutions they're looking for quickly.  So, if you offer preconfigured or custom installations of gpEasy, add your service to our database and we'll send our users your way.

Our users will get what they need, you get free advertising and gpEasy get's more happy users.

Web Design

Many people can manage finding their own hosts and installing gpEasy, but the artistic touch is often the most difficult skill to master. If you work with gpEasy and offer design services already, then add your information to our web design listing and begin receiving business referrals from


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